• Rudice skaly

    18 juni 2017

    After being for more then 2 weeks in my beloved Czech-Republic I travelled to Moravsky kras in East-part of Czech. This part I already knew quite well but again I found a very special 'skaly' of white stone with a beautiful cave between the shrubs.

    I was excited to be there and paint this pre-historic cave-dwelling. After dropping-off from the bus in Rudice I had to find the path to this 'Skaly' and first one doesn't see anything apart from hills and trees but after taking a sidepath I suddenly descended into the midst of this rockformation.

    You never quite know before if the light is alright to paint and I was overjoyed to see I'd chosen the right moment of the day! There was also quite some shade to sit under and paint without being too much disturbed by sharp sunlight on my paper.

    I went twice to this place to make two different Watercolours of it. The weather was on both days excellent.

    The first is made with four coloured ink size: 40 x 50 cm.

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  • Travels with Maarten

    6 juni 2017

    Today I arrived again in Czech republic to start my traveling for making pictures. First I will sort-out my materials and paper to be well equiped when I start off! It's always difficult to start again after the winterbreak working in the studio and to change the safe walls of my studio to the 'open air'. So that's why I often make some quick sketches during waiting in the Airport. Also the best way to avoid boredom! ;-)

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  • 21-05-2017

    21 mei 2017

    Vandaag gewerkt aan de opbouw van mijn nieuwe site bij Exto! Vanmiddag geef ik de workshop 'Klassiek schilderen' in de wackersacademie in Amsterdam.

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