By who and by what was Alfred Hitchcock also inspired for his nightscenes? Round the early twenties of the 20th century the French/Hungarian photographer/artist Brassai was exploring night-life in Paris....The city of light! His wonderfully pictures show an almost 'suspenced'city where all kind of dark business was going on. He as a true 'Artist of the Night' saw the potential of the night as an artistic expression. In his own words: " in order to capture the beauty of streets and garden in the rain and fog, and to capture Paris by night". Gyula Halasz what was his true name was of Armenian and Hungarian descent and came to Paris in his early years. He  started to roam the streets of Paris to find the 'Plutonic' beauty of light and darkness.

His images show the lonelyness of Men in the great city. Perhaps of being an immigrant himself he could easely indentify with the 'night-people' and 'night-scenes' he encountered during his walks through Paris. 

To be continued....

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