The last part of my artistic journey through Czech brought me to one of the most beautiful rivers of this part of Bohemia: the Berounka! A splendid quiet river that freely meanders between high rocks at both sides!

The berounka has a dreamy atmosphere where the water slowly flows and therefore it sometimes looks like a Norwegian Fjord where the surroundig is sharply reflected in the water. Along the shores of the river are many possibillities to sit and draw in the shade and every bent offers new views and motives!

This colorpencil drawing shows one of the bents of the river where stands a beautiful small Baroque villa reflecting itself in the water. From the 18th/19th century 'Cesky-Kras'and the shores of the Berounka were a popular summer refuge for rich Prague inhabitants.

In the meantime Autumn is coming near as you can see in the colouring of the trees near the river....

This rock I drew between showers because as I already told Autumn is coming near and then it will be wet! But therefore this rock got an almost 'Chinese' look to it which became enchanting! So many variations of green made this drawing a long process of making but these wondrous shades are beautifully reached with the hatching method af colourpencils! Layer by layer...

What makes this area also fascinating for the eye is the fact that from long ago they are mining  here which gives some rocks an outstanding look as you can see in this colourpencil drawing. You can see the shafts in the sides of the rock which suggests weird faces in the stone.

I definitely will come back to this place to make more has completely enchanted me!

The End