Wintersun in Rovensko (Czech republic) colourpencil

From my childhood (as with many other children) I was very fond of using the Caran d'Ache colourpencils! One of my first drawings with this material , unfortunately lost, is still very clear in my memory...It was a drawing I made when I was about 7 years after returning from my parents emigration to Canada. It was a view from an aircraft window upon the multi-coloured  clouds in the setting Sun.

And it kept with me in my memory all these years that I could make these multi coloured drawing so beautifully layer upon layer with the colourpencils!  Actually...I still do that the same way and I'm still as excited as I was then about the result.

Cavedwellings in Cappadocia (Turkey) colourpencil

Nowadays the development of the colourpencil fabrication in the last 20 yearsis  astounding! So many more subtle colour and so much better pigment quality. In the early days specially with the children pencils there was limited choice of strong colours and the stifts were quite hard so very little colour came off on your paper. Now it's almost like pastels only without the smudgeness what you can easely get with soft-pastels. Apart of watercolours which I also use quite regularly when I go out to paint...

View on blue mountains (Czech-republic) Watercolour

I often take my bag of colourpencils to capture the outdoor light and colours.

I love the way how one can draw with colour, making a kind of 'glazings' on top of each different tint so you can get a 'timbre' of colours which makes the drawings deep with lots of shades!

The river Berounka (czech-republic) colourpencil

I don't know any other material with which one can create this luminous effects....Also the velvety softness of this material is unprecedented in comparison with any other drawing material. Often when I go out, I look for light situations during daytime when the landscape gets this warm silky softness in its texture and when the colours are radiant in warm and cool differentiations. Then and only then one can perceive the play of reflections and contra-reflections together with the hallucinating reaction of the simultanious-contrasts!

Rockformation in Cappadocia (Turkey) colourpencil

To be continued....